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Linda Holroyd, CEO FountainBlueAbout Linda Holroyd

Since January 2005, serial entrepreneur Linda Holroyd has launched, grown and run management consultancy FountainBlue, supporting innovation and leadership for a large and growing community of executives, investors and entrepreneurs. She has also served as a director for a technology-based venture fund and as a managing director for a technology incubator.

In addition to running monthly online programs on leadership and innovation topics, Linda also coaches executives at all levels, provides leadership consulting for teams, and advises companies on strategic growth. She is also an instructor for San Jose State’s SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) Certification program, teaching on leadership, people, business acumen, and technology management topics.

Linda’s first start-up was a web consultancy which designed and developed interactive web sites for corporate clients and start-ups. Linda began her career as an elementary school teacher and has deep experience supporting communities and nonprofits, especially around fundraising and communications. As a first soprano, Linda serves as as Communications Chair and Zoom Czar for Pacific Coast Chorale in San Diego and volunteers in the mentorship program at Lavin Entrepreneur Center at San Diego State University

Linda is passionate about growing people and businesses and feeds her soul through singing, watching beach volleyball, gardening, spirituality, playing games and socializing with friends. She is married to an XGoogler, mother to an entrepreneurial UCLA graduate, and takes pride in working with leaders and innovators from around the world.

Here’s My Why

Facilitating innovation and leadership for tech leaders one conversation, one leader, one organization at a time is my passion, my mission, my cause through my work at FountainBlue. We’ve been doing it since January 2005. Here’s my WHY

Linda-PeaceI’ve always been a world-changer. I get a visceral response when I experience cruelty and injustice, especially when the under-served, the un-empowered, the majority are the victims of that injustice.

Linda-WorldchangerOne of my earliest memories is of my five-year-old self objecting to our assigned homework by cajoling my uncle to do it for me. When asked by my teacher ‘who did your homework’, I responded truthfully that my uncle did it upon my request. The teacher sent me back to my seat, and assigned less homework to everyone. As I walked back to my seat, I saw a sea of faces saying clearly – ‘Who are you to ask this for us – you, who are 5 years old, an Asian, and a girl at that?’

Maker:S,Date:2017-10-11,Ver:6,Lens:Kan03,Act:Lar02,E-Y,E-ver:20180802.4928864.002.000I didn’t fit in. I don’t often fit in, but I can’t help but make a stand against injustice, even if it means that I didn’t have special someones to wish farewell as we journeyed from my birthplace in Hong Kong to America.

Linda-GrowthI earned scholarships and worked my way through college as an office worker – learning typing, administration and management – as a notetaker – learning communication and information synthesizing – and as a preschool teacher – the best leadership training ever. After graduating from college, I began my career as an elementary school teacher as I wanted to educate and empower others.

Linda-HaloI taught elementary school for six years, but then realized that I wanted to make a broader impact, leveraging technology and innovation. I provided sales, marketing and operational support for three start-ups before co-founding a web consultancy alongside my techie husband. During that period, we also had our daughter, now a young adult.

I learned a lot about technology, business, management and operations through that period, and applied those skills to a nonprofit cause, as I wanted to focus on doing well while doing good.

Linda-LaughingFrom there, I brought together my passion to make a difference, my skill for integrating technology and business imperatives, and my talent for connecting leaders and innovators into my work at management consultancy, FountainBlue.

At FountainBlue, we support innovation and leadership one conversation, one leader, one organization at a time through our on-site and now-online programs, as well as through our coaching, consulting, and advisory services.

Now you know WHY I’m passionate about doing this work day in and day out, and also HOW I wound up doing what I’m doing.

Since January 2005, as CEO and founder for management consultancy FountainBlue, Linda has conducted monthly on-site, and now on-line programs with emphasis on leadership and innovation topics.

  • Launched in Silicon Valley in May 2006, FountainBlue’s monthly When She Speaks panel discussions feature senior women leaders from partner tech companies speaking on leadership and innovation topics. Our online interactive conversations are known for being inspiring, educational, practical and fun. Each monthly program runs from 11:50 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. PST
  • Launched in May 2020, FountainBlue’s Semi-Monthly Front Line Managers Online series features a panel discussion of HR, product, engineering and business leaders, presenting on leadership and innovation topics of interest to front line managers, individual contributors, and leaders at all levels. Our monthly meetings are conducted online from 11:50 a.m. – 1 p.m., generally on the first and third Fridays
  • Launched in December 2015, FountainBlue’s VIP Roundtables convene executive leaders in monthly conversations on innovation and market trends. This invitation-only monthly programs convene monthly, typically on the second or third Fridays from 7:50-9:00 a.m. PST. A corporate partnership for the series costs $2500/year for two executives to attend each program

As founder and CEO of FountainBlue, Linda Holroyd has coached executives at all levels to step into a better version of themselves, advised teams on change management and digital transformation adoption practices and partnered with senior leaders to articulate, support and grow business, people, community and sustainability goals.

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As a serial entrepreneur and former managing director at an incubator, and former director at a venture fund, Linda has extensive experience providing strategic guidance to executives and entrepreneurs focused on delivering operational results which meet current and anticipated client needs.