About Linda Holroyd


LindaHolroyd2020Linda Holroyd is a high-energy, high-integrity, results-oriented business leader with vast and relevant experience working with entrepreneurial and executive teams to articulate (or refine) a vision, to define a strategy, and to collaboratively execute and deliver results.

Over the past 20+ years Linda has worked as a manager, leader and consultant for a wide range of technology-based companies from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies. Across each project and role, Linda consistently reflects a respect for business and technology trends, an alignment to a transformational strategy, and a drive to collaboratively deliver business outcomes, often creating order from chaos, leveraging an ecosystem of stakeholders.

Linda began her career as an elementary school teacher before transitioning to start-up management in the document imaging, document security and web development spaces. She co-founded, grew and sold a web development consultancy to four million dollars, with high-profile clients in the financial services, tech start-up, education, non-profit, healthcare and government services space.
Linda then briefly joined a nonprofit before launching FountainBlue in January 2005, with a focus on facilitating leadership and innovation through monthly events, including a monthly When She Speaks, Women in Leadership series and a monthly VIP roundtable series, in partnership with powerhouse tech companies in the valley.
Linda regularly connects with investors, entrepreneurs and executives as a Managing Director for incubator TechLAB Innovation Center, as a Director and Executive-in-Residence for venture firm Vonzos Partners and as a telehealth entrepreneur, integrating Remote Patient Monitoring solutions into a telehealth platform.
Linda holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from UC Davis and earned certificates in executive and program management from UCSC Extension. She lives with her husband in Silicon Valley and dotes on her young adult daughter, a senior at UCLA, majoring in cognitive science and member of the 2018 UCLA Championship Beach Volleyball team. Ever health-conscious, Linda enjoys cooking and eating a wide range of healthy international cuisines, walks her two dogs (‘the boyos’, Dazzle and Comet) an hour a day every day, does more than her fair share of push-ups, sits-ups, and stretches. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with her family and friends, singing, playing games (especially mahjong), reading, and watching volleyball games – indoor, beach, men and women.

About Linda Holroyd

As CEO and COO consultant for FountainBlue and its client companies Linda Holroyd has direct marketing, strategic and management experience in the following industry areas:

  • Software: (Social media measurement, Resume matching system, Mobile app development, Wide range of cloud projects)
  • Hardware: (Mobile sensors, Semiconductor)
  • Medical device: (Hydration management, Biosensor)
  • Pharma: (Digestive health, tissue regeneration, wound care, CRO)
  • Clean Energy: (smart grid, sensors, equipment, electric cars, water purification, energy diagnostics)
  • Business Services: (business process improvement, product design and development, cloud-based HR and leadership development)
  • Consumer: (Food and retail)

How Linda supports the leadership challenges for growing start-ups and pivoting tech companies


  1. For the past five years, Linda has tracked and reported on industry trends as we emerge from an Age of Information to an Age of Personalization.
  2. Through her leadership at events and within communities, Linda has facilitated connections between leaders, between roles, between technologies, between industries.
  3. For the past 13 years, Linda has connected companies, leaders and innovators around relevant and timely business and technology challenges and opportunities.


  1. Linda is highly skilled at gathering stakeholders from a wide range of perspectives and facilitating conversations which connect ideas, leaders and perspectives, framed within the context of strategically seizing market opportunities, drawing on areas of strength.
  2. Linda stimulates ideas and conversation by introducing broad trend and leadership data and perspectives into the conversation.
  3. Linda adeptly works with the team to integrate disparate ideas into collaborative business models with proven short-term and long-term benefits for all stakeholders.


  1. Linda works with the team to seize market opportunities leveraging corporate and technical strengths.
  2. Linda works with the team to facilitate complementary partnerships which benefit all parties in the long-term and for the short-term.
  3. Linda works with the team to anticipate and address people-related during times of change.
  4. Linda works with the team to anticipate and address operation-related challenges during times of change. 


On Building Leaders

  • FountainBlue helped me crystallize my value-add and strategize with me to find my fit and then grow first myself, and then my company.
  • Linda is equally impressive at articulating the vision I’m seeking, and setting things in motion to make it happen. She is scary smart and equally kind and compassionate.
  • I’ve worked with hundreds of corporate executives at all levels, but Linda’s business savvy, creative ideas, collaborative style and results-orientation make her stand out.​​
  • I feel a sense of calm when I get to see Linda. She helps me think that everything is OK, no matter what shenanigans are going on in my life. There’s never a problem too big, or a problem too small. And there’s *always* a path forward and upward. Meeting with her is generally a highlight of my day.
  • Linda listens more deeply and more broadly than anyone I’ve ever met. And when I finally stop talking, she asks the questions which make me start talking anew. When I finally stop talking, I am exhausted and energized at the same time. It’s an amazing and invigorating experience.
  • I so appreciate what Linda has done/is doing for me. I have no idea how she can also do it for such a broad range of leaders and innovators. Go Linda! You are representing all of us.
  • Linda is the most empathetic and trustworthy person I’ve ever met. She’s got my back, no matter what should happen.
  • I have never seen anyone so deeply listen, so quickly get it, and then apply it to practical ways to build momentum for my business. It is quite impressive.

On Creating Community

  • I am also impressed by the persistent and consistent drive by FountainBlue to increasingly reach the broad tech community and society and provide realistic support and professional guidance to those who seek answers for their everyday situations.
  • Every month, FountainBlue connects the innovators and leaders who can help us think, speak and act differently. I’m proud to have been part of the FountainBlue community for more than a decade. Keep doing what you’re doing.
  • Linda’s other-centeredness puts the community and others first. We all benefit from her influence, her vision, and her ability to ensure powerful connections and results. Month after month…
  • FountainBlue is there through the ebbs and flows of business. Linda Holroyd is there to make me feel centered and connected. She connects me with others so I know that I am never alone.

On Building Traction for Businesses

  • It is FountainBlue’s ability to look around the corner and identify trends that helped us serve an anticipated needs, keeping us in the game, and even ahead of the field.
  • Linda has tremendous bandwidth for understanding complex technical facts well enough to converse on the business opportunities, implications and direction.
  • Linda presents information in a way that makes people see more clearly and has an extraordinary ability to translate skills into actual positions and markets.
  • Always starting with strategic goals, FountainBlue engages leaders and works with them to articulate objectives which would also serve and engage the needs of niche customers.
  • FountainBlue dynamically factors in business and leadership trends when working with organizations to crystallize objectives and understand the needs of customers.​
  • Linda doesn’t develop a deep understand of the technical details about our company, but she gets it enough to leverage her razor sharp focus on the business and people issues and then fundamentally shift the way we see our business, the direction our business is going, and soon thereafter, our very bottom line results.
  • Linda combines a crystal clear understanding of business management with an enormous amount of energy for producing results. She works at the speed of light, cuts through complexity, focusing on the core of what needs to be done. She can be relied upon without fail and has the highest integrity of anyone I know.
  • Linda Holroyd is the best kind of connector: one who gets what needs to be done for your business, and works with you to develop the strategy to get there, leveraging her impressive network and talents.
  • Momentum is the key to any successful business, and Linda helped us create that momentum in spades. It is a tribute to her passion, dedication, energy and vision that the FountainBlue brand and community has grown so quickly.
  • Linda has tremendous drive, a sound business sense and excellent people skills and can be counted upon to make things happen!

On Transforming Our Ecosystem

  • FountainBlue has its fingers on the pulse of the community and helps deliver data, information and connections which inform, impassion and engage, leading to energy and focused results.
  • Linda lives the FountainBlue tagline for facilitating change – One Conversation, One Leader, One Organization at a time.

The top ten reasons to select Linda as your executive coach or start-up adviser are below:

A Strategic Approach

1. A frequent speaker and published writer, Linda actively reports on technology trends and leverages this knowledge and experience to facilitates insights for her client executives and entrepreneurs.
2. Linda’s north-star focus on the customer helps people, teams and companies deliver to and even anticipate the needs of the customer, be they within or outside the company.
3. Linda works with clients to ‘get’ the business side, while working with their stakeholders to deliver results by leveraging the ‘people-side’.
An Entrepreneurial Thinker
4. Linda’s entrepreneurial experience and results coupled with her ability to see the bigger picture helps her guide clients in creating resourceful, collaborative and results-oriented solutions to complex business and personal issues.
5. Linda’s broad experience in a breadth of industries helps her present out-of-the-box solutions and suggestions which stretch the potential for the organization and for the leader.
An Exceptional Communicator
6. Linda’s extensive experience with a wide range of people, roles, industries and cultures helps her facilitate an understanding of and appreciation for people with different perspectives.
7. Linda’s background in psychology and education, applied to business challenges and circumstances, gives her the unique head-heart approach to coaching which is authentic, insightful, perceptive and transformational.
An Extensive Network
8. Linda’s extensive network gives her knowledge of resources, information and people who can facilitate growth, expansion and understanding for her clients.
9. Linda leverages her ability to think strategically and resourcefully, and her connections across industries, roles and organizations for the benefit of her client organizations.
A Stellar Track Record
10. For over two decades, Linda has supported the transformation, expansion and growth of tech leaders at all levels, in a wide range of industries from technology to education to healthcare to consulting. She has worked with teams and leaders to deliver a wide range of projects, ranging from managing web site development and product development projects, to running events and programs (television and radio), to leading fundraising campaigns and marketing and business development initiatives. Linda’s program management and leadership approach is collaborative and inclusive approach, delivered through transparent communications and energetic and persistent leadership with focus on delivering measurable win-win results. Successful exits include a document management solution (MindWorks, acquired by Freeborders in 2010), and a document security solution (Elan Computer Group acquired by Rainbow Technologies in 1998).

Below are some testimonials from happy coaching customers.

  • Linda’s calming presence, open and non-judgmental listening style, and amazing intellect and creativity combine with her practical, action-oriented side to help me create immediate win-win results. I consistently leave our meetings more positive, more constructive, more hopeful, and more grounded.
  • Linda’s compassion and experience help me to see why people around me do the things they do, to accept what’s happening to me and around me, and then to change what I think, how I speak and how I act because of it.
  • Linda Holroyd is a master communicator also adept at working with you to craft and execute on your brand. She brings out the best in each of others, and helps us spread the wisdom to others around us.
  • Linda is someone who listens at the deepest levels, gets the business and personal implications of what I’m sharing, and helps me reframe my thinking, words and actions. It’s amazing how she can do that for such a broad range of people, myself included!
  • Linda is a fountain of creative ideas for moving forward in one’s working life with more joy and better results.  Linda is an extraordinarily kind person of deep goodwill and desire to improve the lives of those around her. You are lucky if Linda turns her attention to your challenges. She knows how to help!
  • Linda walks her talk – she’s as pure and authentic on the inside as you can get – her integrity is beyond reproach. Her focus is always on others, and raising the bar for the good of all. But just as powerful as her compassionate side is her capacity for strategizing and growing a business – a rare combination indeed, and much needed in the new economy.
  • I have greatly benefited from the sage and practical advice of Linda Holroyd. It has helped me hone my leadership skills, and deliver results for myself and for my team and company.
  • Linda’s excellent people skills and her amazing creativity enable her to create opportunities for each person’s maximum benefit based on an exquisite fit with their skills and the quickly-changing market needs – and in record time!
  • Linda’s intuition, compassion, depth of experience and remarkable energy and bandwidth allows her to coach a client at exactly the level that they need, whether they are new to business or a serial CEO.
  • Being coached by Linda is like drinking water from a fire hose. It is stimulating, exhilarating and exhausting – she inspires you to reach for stars, and stands behind, beside, and around you until you do.
  • Linda Holroyd has helped me change my life and my impact, one choice at a time.
  • I know that Linda will always be on my side, through thick or thin. She gave me the strength to accept my weaknesses and my past, and rise above them to be a better me.
  • Linda’s in-depth listening and understanding provides a gift of clarity, delivered with a bounty of compassion. She gave me the strength and courage to create a path forward and deliver tangible results that I am proud to call my own.
  • Linda is a very kind and thoughtful human being who leverages her amazing gifts and talents to serve and empower others. Fortunate are those who have been touched by her.
  • Many are the lives transformed by Linda’s unique courage, intellect and strength, including my own. I remain in her debt.
  • Linda helped me crystallize my value-add and strategized with me to find my fit and then grow first myself, and then my fit within the company.
  • I have never seen anyone so deeply listen, so quickly get it, and then work with me to apply it to practical ways to build momentum for myself and for business.
  • In a room full of strangers, Linda makes me feel like I’m the most important person in the room, the most important person there is. And when you talk to her, she confirms that this is so.
  • Linda challenged me in the gentlest way to remove my masks, find my calling, and rise to a level I never knew existed.
  • Linda is a powerhouse of information and ideas, and full of compassionate, non-judgmental understanding and support, while insisting that we deliver tangible results.
  • Linda keeps me reaching for stars, while also helping me feel that I deserve to be there.
  • Linda is one of those rare people who is as human as she is brilliant.
  • Linda taught me how to see beyond the gender, the role, the circumstances and the numbers and build alignment between my passion, my skills, and the needs of the customers. I am forever changed, and in a good way.

See below to learn about Linda’s Coaching Style, in the form of testimonials.


  • Linda’s decades of strategic involvement in multiple industries, at different company stages, across corporate roles is on full display as she vets start-ups for funding consideration.  VC Partner


  • Linda’s ability to execute efficiently and effectively herself not only models the way, but inspires her coachees to be more productive and more engaged.  Product Management Executive
  • Linda’s ability to translate what executives say and what they mean has helped me be a better listener, a better manager, a better executive.  Engineering Director
  • Linda’s ability to translate customer requests and input to the executives, engineers, product and business professionals have helped us more efficiently execute on our business imperatives.  General Manager 
  • Every coaching conversation emphasizes communication and execution tactics and techniques which are both compassionate and candid.  CHRO


  • Linda has the uncanny ability to quickly grasp the business and technical implications for our help us refine our strategy, communicate our value to targeted niche markets, and then deliver customer feedback, partnership engagements and even funding.  Serial Entrepreneur
  • Linda’s deep experience as an investor and an entrepreneur across multiple industries helped our company to pivot our strategy, to refine our communication, and to secure paid enterprise use cases.  Founder and Board Chair

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