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FountainBlue’s Executive Coaching and Consulting services support the strategic, communication, operational, and engagement goals for leaders at all levels (from interns to CEOs, from new-hires to founding staff), across multiple industries (generally driven by technology), across all roles (from engineering and product to marketing and management, from finance and operations to HR).

At FountainBlue, we apply our decades of successful experience, our breadth of market and technology knowledge, our people-first mindset, our strategy-meets-planning process, and our focus on delivering results with each coaching conversation, each consulting project. 

The goal for FountainBlue’s coaching and consulting practice is to work with our clients to realize extraordinary results in the short term, and lasting ongoing impact for themselves and for others they touch personally and professionally. 

Our motto is Facilitating Leadership and Innovation, One Conversation, One Leader, One Organization at a Time.


Based on testimonials and feedback from our clients over the past two decades, FountainBlue’s coaching program stands out in specific ways.

  1. We charge only for the hours logged, not a flat fee for potential hours and clients served. It’s far easier to prove value this way, and greater immediate and long-term impact for all involved.
  2. We are agnostic of level and role, supporting everyone from new-hires to C-Suite veterans, in roles across engineering, marketing, strategy, operations, HR, etc.,
  3. Our empathetic, no-judgment stance develops the trust and confidence for clients to speak freely, safely and deeply.
  4. Our consistent ability to listen deeply, to communicate clearly, and to probe gently helps us all better understand the situation and its implications.
  5. Our extraordinary ability to provide a wide range of insights, resources, frameworks and tools helps our clients create custom solutions.
  6. Our laser focus on empowering others makes it easier for our clients to take initiative and drive change and progress.
  7. Our broad exposure to a wide range of industries, companies, technologies, etc., help us provide more strategic guidance and a broader perspective.
  8. Our decades of experience working with leaders at all levels shines through with every conversation.
  9. Our authenticity, integrity and empathy are the hallmarks for each conversation.
  10. Our work is guaranteed. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. We commit to doing right by you – our valued customer.

To find out more about our Coaching and Consulting Services:

If you’re ready to sign up for an individual coaching session, our rates are $200/half hour, and are payable via Melio .

InterconnectednessThe Inter-Connectedness Between Mentorship, Sponsorship and Coaching

From our decades of experience working with executives, entrepreneurs and organizations, it is our belief that there is an inter-relationship between Mentorship, Sponsorship and Coaching programs.

At our client companies, executive sponsors are opening doors to great opportunities for the best mentors, and then providing coaching support to the sponsored professionals to increase their likelihood of success.

Namely, we work with and advise our corporate clients to

Bridge Successful Mentorship Programs into

Successful Sponsorship Programs, then into

Successful Coaching Programs.

Mentorship Programs

The Best Mentorship Programs

The Best Mentorship Programs:

  • Are self-driven
  • Are led from the bottom-up, funded from the top-down
  • Measure and report on metrics
  • Celebrate successful mentors and mentees
  • Build ongoing communities of participants
The Best Sponsorship Programs

The Best Sponsorship Programs

The Best Sponsorship Programs:

  • Have a consistent process for selecting sponsored leaders
  • Have engaged executives with the influence and resources to make a difference
  • Measure and report on metrics
  • Build on program successes
  • Build ongoing communities of sponsored leaders


The Best Coaching Programs

The Best Coaching Programs

The Best Coaching Programs:

  • Work with sponsored leaders to accelerate growth in stretch opportunities
  • Build additional networks, relationships and leaders with the help of engaged executives
  • Make coaching contagious
  • Build ongoing communities of mentored, sponsored and coached leaders


Typical half hour coaching calls may include:

  • Weekly meetings following the 3-3-10-30 rule (3 things you did this week, 3 things you’ll do in the coming week, less 10 minutes to write it up, 30 minutes to connect and discuss what you need from the Coach or the Manager to make it happen), with one in-depth opportunity/challenge scenario for deeper conversation.
  • A discussion about a challenging situation/individual/project/team.
  • Strategies for getting more strategically engaged in specific projects or less engaged in specific projects or programs.
  • A compare and contrast discussion about the projected future state (based on current metrics), the expected future state (based on external expectations) and the desired future state (based on a combination of desired state, current metrics, external expectations and a stretch goal as defined by self or others).

Compassionate Candor

Often when we work with our client companies and client leaders, there are conflicts between people, between teams, between companies.

Based on the research and book Radical Candor by Kim Scott, and our own work experience, the only productive conversations are both Compassionate and Candid.

  • Candor without Empathy is being a Jerk.
  • Compassion without Candor is being a Pushover or Brown-Nose.
  • With no Candor and no Compassion, you’re not saying or doing anything meaningful or authentic. You are a Time-Waster or Blamer or Fault-Finders.

Compassionate CandorBut consistently having conversations with both Compass and Candor is not always enough. Adopting an ‘ALL-IN, ALL-ONE’ Mindset is also important.

FeetOnBeachALL-IN, ALL-ONE Mindset

We advocate adopting ‘ALL-IN, ALL-ONE’ Mindset so our clients can better understand the circumstances and the motivations of the stakeholders and to better strategize and plan on how to best address a conflict. An ‘ALL-IN, ALL-ONE’ mindset:

  • Reminds everyone that they are on the same team, so it benefits Everyone when any ONE person succeeds, while helping everyone to work on a common purpose;
  • Provides us with energy and hope, so that we can be fully committed (all-in) and fully trusting of the team (all-one);
  • Connects everyone to a higher purpose, a higher goal than one he/she could do on their own;
  • Helps align everyone on a common purpose, and a common plan on how to achieve that purpose;
  • Encourages respect and acceptance of people who are not-like-you;
  • Empowers everyone at all levels to express their motivations and interests so that it can be factored in with the strategy and execution;
  • Invites respectful debate when appropriate with no room for dissension when a decision has been made;
  • Increases the likelihood of receiving a more diverse range of effective options and opportunities;
  • Helps any individual member (and the team) to understand when she/he is not a good fit for the team and make plans accordingly and
  • Emboldens all of us to keep reaching for stars, in a way that’s All IN, All-ONE.

For a sampling of how integrate our Compassionate Candor approach to communication and our All-IN, ALL-ONE mindset, schedule a no-obligation 15-minute call.

ArmInArmReported outcomes of our coaching services include below:

Improved Leadership Qualities

  • Greater Clarity and Prioritization
  • Greater Short-Term Focus
  • Larger and Broader Long-Term Focus
  • Renewed Commitment and Confidence

Refined Communication Skills

  • Better Frame Situations Based on Immediacy, Relevance, and Priorities
  • Better Understand and Communicate ‘Your Side of the Net’
  • Better Communicate Status and Ownership
  • Improved Speaking and Communication to Larger and More Diverse Audiences

Management Successes

  • Improved Decision-Making Skills
  • Enhanced Creativity and Innovation with the Team
  • Greater Effectiveness and Better Performance

Relationships and Networks

  • Improved Relationships within and Outside the Team
  • Larger Ecosystem of Partners and Providers
  • Longer-term Relationships with Larger Range of Partners
  • Improved Balance in all Aspects of Life
  • Increased Collaboration Across Teams

DiverseGatheringSee below to learn about Linda’s Coaching Style, in the form of testimonials.


  • Linda’s decades of strategic involvement in multiple industries, at different company stages, across corporate roles is on full display as she vets start-ups for funding consideration.  VC Partner


  • Linda’s ability to execute efficiently and effectively herself not only models the way, but inspires her coachees to be more productive and more engaged.  Product Management Executive
  • Linda’s ability to translate what executives say and what they mean has helped me be a better listener, a better manager, a better executive.  Engineering Director
  • Linda’s ability to translate customer requests and input to the executives, engineers, product and business professionals have helped us more efficiently execute on our business imperatives.  General Manager 
  • Every coaching conversation emphasizes communication and execution tactics and techniques which are both compassionate and candid.  CHRO

Sales Professionals

  • Linda is customer-oriented, tech-philic, creative and innovative. She is superb at positioning our solutions to the wide range of decision-makers in our network and even better at teaching our team to do it themselves. Senior Sales Executive
  • Linda is authentic, credible, believable and quotable. She has taught me how to adopt these talents myself.  Sales Top-Performer
  • Linda is the kind of strategic visionary who can envision and realize a brighter possibility, using existing technologies, resources and partnerships. General Manager
  • People call Linda ‘the Mayor’ for the reason. She can connect you to so many great people. Marketing and Sales Executive

Strategic Consulting and Advisory Services

Drawing on expertise in strategic planning and visioning working with start-ups and investors as well as exceptional operational management, team-building, revenue generation and communication skills, FountainBlue CEO Linda Holroyd works with tech leaders and their teams to help them:

  1.  clearly crystallize and communicate clarity on corporate mission, vision, direction and values,
  2.  adeptly facilitate alignment between leaders and divisions and partners behind common objectives,
  3. consistently foster an energetic focus on achieving measurable outcomes,
  4. continually invite new ideas, new innovation even when it disrupts the day-to-day work,
  5. adroitly engender engagement of stakeholders in a common purpose,
  6. proactively adopt a Growth Mindset, focusing on opportunities while respecting the risks,
  7. collaboratively create ample opportunities to stretch and grow, to influence and succeed, for all stakeholders,
  8. successfully empower leaders at all levels to proactively participate in programs and initiatives,
  9. continuously invite input, feedback, learning and training from all sources, and
  10. humbly and graciously provide exceptional value, well-intended meaning and purpose to all work done, all services provided.

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