Diversity and Inclusion Consulting

Let's bring everyone to the table

Let’s bring everyone to the table

FountainBlue leverages its two decades of experience coaching and managing leaders at all levels to provide strategic Diversity and Inclusion consulting to tech companies across Silicon Valley and beyond. Generally our clients:

  • Are committed in vision, strategy and execution to D&I objectives and understand the business imperatives behind this commitment;
  • Have committed executive sponsors, driven participants, dedicated HR and program staff invested in the success of ongoing programs;
  • Need an external partner to drive initiatives and programs, to bring original and diverse thinking, planning and facilitation into play; and
  • Interested in a People-First Mindset, and willing to invest in that to produce outstanding business outcomes.

FountainBlue’s Diversity Consulting practice generally focuses on the ‘What, Why, How’ of Diversity, as described in the chart below, to be profiled in a blog scheduled for release in November 2020.

FountainBlue: The What, Why, How of Diversity

FountainBlue: The What, Why, How of Diversity

In October 2020, we interviewed dozens of HR professionals in the FountainBlue network and beyond in the month of October, and have compiled the matrix above to summarize the Whys, the Whats and the Hows around diversity. Below is a summary of our findings and our conclusions following these interviews, supplementing our why/what/how chart above, as presented in our November 2020 blog.

Build credibility, momentum and funding by making a business case and collaborating with business leaders.

  • Attaching diversity to a business cause and a business result exponentially increases the likelihood of adoption, funding and momentum.
  • Engagement across executives, business units, and geographies also increases the likelihood of short-term and long-term support and success.
  • Although the passion behind the diversity cause brings attention, the focus on the business imperatives brings resources and results.

Rise above the do-right, and speak to the do-well.

  • Passionate and emotional commitment is essential for success, but that passion must also focus on the business imperatives.

How you think must align with how you speak and how you act.

  • Token thoughts and words are noise. Actions without thoughts and words are random acts which can’t bring lasting change. Align how you think with how you speak with how you act.
  • Choose a culture that consistently aligns thoughts, words and actions.
  • Don’t expect perfection every time, all the time, but do commit to always learning and growing and standing by core values.

It’s almost about how you make people feel.

  • Make people feel important and valued.
  • Ensure that their experiences as staff consistently reflect how important they are to the organization.
  • Sincerely invite feedback and input, but only if you intend to follow through.
  • Challenge everyone to rise above what they’re doing now, and think to what they can do in the future, how they are grow in position and value within the organization.
  • Invite open-minded thinking out of the box.
  • Invite, celebrate and reward people to be enthusiastic and engaged, performing far beyond expectations. 
  • Be supportive, transparent and clear, especially when you need to communicate tough news.

It’s a journey, not a destination.

  • Be vulnerable, authentic and sincere in communicating how the team, the company can work together to build a cohesive, empowered, engaged culture, a rewarding user experience, an effective organization and brand.

We welcome your insights and input on diversity best practices you’ve successfully implemented for your company. Meanwhile, our corporate partners will share their best practices in our upcoming programs.

Our Diversity Consulting Practice may include any of the practices below, plus other requested activities:

  • Works with the executive leadership and teams within and outside the organization build a culture of inclusion and empowerment, fueled by engaged and empowered leaders at all levels;
  • Incorporates trainings, workshops, events, mentorship, sponsorship initiatives, in support of client organizations;
  • Facilitates partnerships with external organizations and initiatives, providing community, nonprofit support, volunteer opportunities, etc.,
  • Supports the recruitment, retention, development and promotion of all staff at all levels, but specializing in talent with diverse backgrounds;
  • Shares resources, information and metrics for diversity and inclusion and empowerment progress, as compared to industry standards; and
  • Makes the business case for how diversity, inclusion and empowerment drives measurable business results.

DiverseExecutivesWe work with our client companies by:

  • providing access to semi-monthly and monthly programs;
  • providing coaching and program consulting services for client companies;
  • designing and delivering custom programs, per client requirements;
  • structuring and supporting Mentorship programs;
  • facilitating and running Innovation programs and workshops;
  • supporting high-performing teams in raising the bar for themselves; and
  • facilitating/empowering/advising other leadership and innovation-related activities.

LineOfProfessionalsOur diversity consulting practice includes a $1k/month option for an event-only option, which includes half an hour of coaching, but we design a custom program and provide additional coaching hours for the $5k/month option, and a diversity planning and implementation option, along with additional coaching for the $10k/month option.

FountainBlue Diversity Consulting2FountainBlue includes a half hour a month of executive coaching (or diversity consulting) services at the $1k/month level and more coaching hours at the $5k and $10k a month levels. Additional coaching is available for $200/half hour, with volume discounts at the 25, 50 and 100+ hour levels.

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