The People Side of the Next Normal

Next NormalCongratulations for navigating a year which has wreaked havoc on the social, economic, health and well-being of almost everyone in the world.

Never before have people of all ilks had such a deep and impactful common experience. It reminds us that we are all human, that we can join in a common purpose.

As we make plans for the next normal, pulling the threads together from our past successes into a future we don’t feel confident predicting, it is our hope that we as a people are more empathetic, more open, more agile, more human.

CoachingFountainBlue’s Coaching and Consulting practice focuses on two areas.

  • We work with sales leaders to clarify communication and messaging, refine strategy and tactics, and ultimately improve customer relationships and the bottom line. We believe that the best way to meet change head-on is to agilely embrace it, and execute on the next normal. Adopting a consultative sales approach is of paramount importance toward that end.
  • We work with HR and executive staff to improve employee relationships and employee engagement. When we improve relationships between employees and build engagement across the workforce, good things happen for everyone at all levels within and outside the organization.

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 We are writing monthly messages around the next normal. Please feel free to print and frame our messages below, with full credit to FountainBlue.

MESSAGES of HOPE for the Next Normal

May We All BeJanuary 31, 2021: May we all BE:

Not always nice, but always KIND.

Not always identical, but always OPEN.

Not always privileged, but always ENOUGH.

Not always influential, but always HEARD.

May we all respond to the challenge of our founding fathers:

The EQUAL right to realize a LIFE of LIBERTY,


No matter our background, our perspectives, our history.


Be a Moral Compass,

by Linda Holroyd, February 2021

FountainBlue will be working with client companies to support ‘The People-Side of the Next Normal’.

Nobody thinks that things will return to ‘normal’, but how do leaders at all levels and companies embrace that next normal?

Based on our decades of coaching and consulting experience, as well as data from McKinsey December 2020 Report: A tale of 2020 in 20 McKinsey charts and Trends for the next normal | McKinsey, we believe that companies and leaders can do four specific things to usher in the people side of the next normal.

  • Proactively offer health and wellness education and support;
  • Provide Seamless Technology and Infrastructure Support;
  • Strive for Meritocracy and Gender Parity;
  • Facilitate a Resilient and Adaptable Culture.

Starting in Spring 2021, FountainBlue will also be providing companies and educational institutions with guest lectures and workshops on people-related topics around the next normal. A sample list of topics is below.

  • Emerging Stronger and Better from the Challenges of 2020
  • Providing Health and Welfare Resources, Support and Education
  • Technical Infrastructure and Support for a Hybrid Workforce
  • In Search of Gender Parity and Meritocracy
  • The Inter-Relationship Between Mentorship, Sponsorship and Coaching
  • DEEII on Your Board, on Your Team – Diversity, Experience, Engagement, Integration, Inclusion
  • Aligning Vision and Mission, Measuring and Reporting on Goals
  • Best Practices for Facilitating an Innovative, Resilient and Adaptable Culture

For an explanation of pandemic conditions, insights on the questions and thoughts above, rationale for the approaches mentioned, and actionable strategies for implementation, more information and a 15-minute consultation, e-mail us at