Doing Well While Doing Right

Doing Well While Doing Right

Doing Well While Doing Right

Since January 2005, FountainBlue has created an ecosystem of members who are doing well, while doing right. Despite all the negatives of 2020, it has also brought so much value to each of us.

  • It helps us see what’s important to us, who’s important to us.
  • It helps us focus on the greater good, the bigger cause.
  • It helps us work on the important things in life.

Since January 2021, we have celebrated the doing-well while doing-right stories of our community members through e-mail, through our web site and through our blog, with the intention of sharing practical and inspirational real-world stories, stimulating creative and proactive thinking and problem-solving, and celebrating the successes of leaders who are making a difference as a business and a community leader.

The Doing-Well piece is all about the Business Opportunities, the Scalable processes, the Returns on Investments, while also embracing the doing-right piece.

The Doing-Right piece is about doing the right thing for other people, for the Earth, for the less fortunate, for the future, while also embracing the doing-well piece. 

Each story in the series will include both a ten question survey and a summary story based on the survey responses. Below is a compilation and links to the stories we’re sharing each week.

If you’re interested in participating in this series and sharing your Doing-Well-While-Doing-Good story, please e-mail us at