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ConsultingFountainBlue’s consulting services support the strategic, communication, and engagement goals of senior leaders. Drawing on expertise in strategic planning and visioning as well as exceptional program management, team-building and communication skills, FountainBlue CEO Linda Holroyd works with tech leaders in Silicon Valley and their teams to 1) crystallize and communicate clarity on corporate mission, vision, direction and values, 2) facilitate alignment between leaders and divisions and partners behind common objectives, 3) foster an energetic focus on achieving measurable outcomes, 4) engender engagement of stakeholders in a common purpose, and 5) collaboratively create ample opportunities to stretch and grow, to influence and succeed, for all participants. More specifically, we:
  • Coach high-potentials – a natural follow-up to attending a FountainBlue When She Speaks event and receiving follow-up notes from the event is to have a conversation about integrating the learnings into day-to-day activities. 
    • FountainBlue’s coaching services may cover the topics for these monthly events or general leadership and innovation challenges and questions, as well as personality assessments and career navigation support.
    • Coaching is offered for $100 for each half-hour session, and executives generally sign up for 2-4 hours at a time, as a follow-up to our monthly sessions. Two complementary sessions are offered to each hosting company and each company which purchases a corporate pass.
  • Consulting for leadership and diversity – FountainBlue has served as adjunct members of corporate teams to brainstorm and facilitate recruitment, retention, development strategies.
    • We work with executive and women’s leadership teams in strategic sessions, on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis to envision, define and communicate strategies for expanding scope and impact of programs and initiatives as well as methods for delivering measurable results.
    • A one-half hour complementary session is offered to each hosting company’s women’s leadership group. Additional support and consultation is offered at a rate of $200/hour.
  • Leadership Development and Training – FountainBlue works with leadership teams to support the recruitment, development and retention of top talent.
    • Our consulting ranges from reviewing hiring needs, managing and overseeing recruitment strategies, communicating and revising assessment, development and retention strategies, as well as reviewing and updating leadership pipeline development activities.
    • Our consulting rates are $200/hour.

To find out more about FountainBlue’s consulting services:

Join the Community Join the community

Stimulate Your BrainStimulate Your Brain

Attend an Upcoming FountainBlue When She Speaks Event to see us whenshespeaksin action and connect with other members of the community

Find out More about FountainBlue’s Coaching, Advising and Consulting ServicesHead-Heart, Hands

Learn about FountainBlue’s Head-Heart-Hands Approach to Executive Coaching

PivotOrPerishLearn about FountainBlue’s Pivot-or-Perish Approach to advising tech leaders

Have a Follow up session to supplement When She Speaks event

Have a Follow up session to supplement When She Speaks event

Inquire about FountainBlue’s 2-hour Lunch-and-Learn Programs, which complement and drill down on the monthly topics from our When She Speaks series. They are typically conducted one or two weeks following the When She Speaks event topic for the month. E-mail us to request a program description or calendar a meeting with us, so we can address your specific initial questions.

  • January –  A Work-Life Balance That Works – for Life!
  • February – Expanding Your Circle of Influence
  • March – Embracing Agility in a Sea of Change
  • April – Building and Reinforcing Your Executive Brand
  • May – Standing on the Shoulders of Mentors
  • June – Embracing Our Multi-Generational Workforce
  • July – Communicating in an Age of Social Media 
  • August – Politics in the Workplace: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
  • September – Make Your Own Rules
  • October – Facilitating Collaborative Innovation
  • November – The Business Case for Diversity
  • December – Power to the Team

Lunch and LearnFountainBlue also offers supplemental lunch-and-learn programs which are conducted year-round. Topics are listed below, but we are open to other topics of interest. E-mail us to request a program description or calendar a meeting with us, so we can address your specific initial questions.

  • A Head-Heart-Hands Model for Leadership
  • Fostering an Intrapreneurial Culture
  • Playing well with Others
  • Tell Me a Story

Event ProductionLastly, we work with leadership teams to create and facilitate strategic planning retreats, women-in-leadership events as well as innovation workshops. On-site, we excel at facilitating stimulating conversations, engaging and stimulating participants, and documenting and distributing learnings and notes which stimulate thinking and action. Areas of specialty might include:

  • Celebratory and Bonding Retreats – Whether you’re interested in celebrating a milestone or on-boarding your new-hires, FountainBlue excels at producing memorable events with impact, focusing on sharing information and building connections.
  • Strategic Retreats – FountainBlue works with senior executes to facilitate conversations on how to stay relevant and in front of the curve as we emerge from an Age of Information to an Age of Personalization. 

Tell us what you have in mind and we’ll let you know how we can support you in crystallizing objectives, in communicating to and engaging with stakeholders and in focusing on achieving measurable results which both last and matter.

Launched in December 2012, FountainBlue’s CONNECTIONs leadership blog highlights leadership thoughts and concepts we’ve developed, working in collaboration with the dozens of executives and entrepreneurs over the past two decades. These connections might be connecting ideas, thoughts, people and concepts, which might may stimulate more strategic, more inclusive, more collaborative thinking and more results-achieving communications and actions. In other words, we write, coach and consult with the purpose of facilitating leadership One Conversation, One Leader, One Organization at a time.

FountainBlue’s leadership blogs are frequently used as tools during the coaching process and are made available to the general community in the hopes that it will stimulate thinking and reflection and prod our clients and community members to take action and reach toward higher and different goals and results. Individual articles may be forwarded and shared with permission and full credit given to FountainBlue and Linda Holroyd. Follow the blog by visiting See also the scoops we’ve curated around leadership by visiting our curated leadership posts at

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Calendar your initial phone call now

Calendar your initial phone call now

Find out more about our coaching services

Find out more about our coaching services

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Ask Linda what she thinks